You see in life, different things prompt people to do different things. A few months ago I shut down my blogger account because well, I had almost no time for it now here I am (not like i’d still have time for it like that oo but) I just created a new blogger account, why? I feel like having an online diary for the world to see and because i’m in a free wifi zone – there’s nothing else to do here besides watch tv, eat food, sleep and use the internet. So you feel me right? Anywho, have fun reading and being a part of a part my life, I appreciate.
All that said and done, WELCOME TO JULY EVERYONE!!! 

Dear July,
The only month that starts the second half of the year, the only month that truly reminds me that indeed summer is about to be begin, please be good. Be good to my family, friends, enemies and I. Bring forth only whatever things are pure, lovely and of good report because I say so.



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