Dear Hair,

So I haven’t exactly been the best at taking care of you since our transitioning process even though I know it’s very essential to, considering that i’m female but I try and you know.


It all started sometime after July 2013, that was the period I made up my mind to go natural. The purpose for this move was that I wanted to lock my hair like go on dreads but then I was told by my hair stylist that my hair needs to be all natural and stuff. Sha sha along the line, this year 2014 the natural began growing out which meant the relaxed part of my hair was now at the tips, I couldn’t deal with the two textures so I had to cut off the relaxed ends to avoid them from breaking and ta da I became a low cut carrying girl (still pretty though, thank God.


<—- I had to snap with some hair ball LOL

Now the main gist is, I thought “how hard could transitioning be?” beloved, it delights me to tell you that it is VERY HARD – well it depends if you’re ready to add dedication.
If there’s one thing i’ve learned from keeping natural hair it’ll be DEDICATION. 

I’m so emotional right now I can’t even complete this post, my hair has shown me pepper HELP !!

It’s actually not that bad sha, I try…I really do. I just can’t wait to lock it and that’s happening sometime this month whoop whoop *Dancing to Celebrate In Advance*


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