One father six children,
One mother six children,
One son five daughters,
All we had were ourselves.

Father had to strive,
He was away sometimes,
He had to thrive,
That was not the life he envisioned.

Street to street,
House to house,
Like common plebs,
We suffered the same fate,
And on every kerb,
We would silently pray.

Mother had hope,
She had faith,
One we had never known,
She held on to the words “God will make a way”,
She encouraged us,
We held on.

Our eyes saw darkness,
It was infecting our hearts,
Remembering mother’s encouragement,
We saw light,
Our hearts began to glow.

What could separate us?
What could harm us?
He (God) kept us,
We couldn’t comprehend,
We were leaving Egypt,
There was a promised land.

We endured joyfully,
It wasn’t rosy but somewhat cosy,
Remained loving to one another,
Not forgetting Whom we looked up to,
We had hope and faith,
We waited for our breakthrough.

Some won’t understand,
The power in faith, hope and prayer,
It is no religious phoney,
It was like we walked the world,
It seemed like an endless journey,
We reached our promised land,
Looking back and now,
Only a few would believe.



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