The past days of my week have been incredibly freakish, I discovered a lot of new things, I started a lot of new things, I ended a few things, I’m unsure if real and more important decisions were made or not,  I found myself really diligent, I found myself really slothful, late baths, withdrawal from food became really habitual – doing things strange to me.

My morning routine being to wake up, turn on the laptop, do whatever as time flies so fast, listen to music I wouldn’t normally listen to, I mean…when did I start listening to A$AP Mob?? when did I start listening to heart felt music? slow music? what is gratata? It’s like a new being is trying to live in.

My sister said “Are you okay? I need to call your brother, Emmanuel ooo!!! come and see your sister, she has started to lose it” Hyperbole, it’s actually not that bad but considering who I really am, it’s that bad. What can cause such? Staying in 24/7.

It’s all fun when I hear the words “sleepover” but some things just don’t go right. That’s what I’ve been having…a sleepover. The location of my sleepover is really beautiful, it’s quiet, neat and all things nice the exact opposite of me except that I’m beautiful and nice :D. It’s the ideal place for someone who loves to be alone, what is it you could possibly want? 24 hours light? it’s got it! 24 hours wifi? it’s got it! Food? Ohhh there’s a lot (if there was a cook I’d be plus size by now) but noooo, there’s no cook and there’s just so much food I can’t even eat. So what is it that my sleepover is lacking?

An estate with over 50 houses, are the people who live in them kept hostages in their own houses? There are no teenagers to relate with , yes there are if only you come out on saturday, that was exactly what I did but still none, yes there are if only you come out on sunday evening and I did but still none. Let me invite my friends over, estate policies hold me back, a registered number has to call the security to issue a pass, if I’m allowed to put this in – ONLY RESIDENTS have their numbers registered.

How else shall a girl live through this sleepover? I feel like some artist who exiled himself in search of inspiraation, writing these events on this blog is an effect from this stay, I write this post no more but what I know for sure is – I’m here for a reason, a purpose that shall be fulfilled, I shall get my reward in the end and I will be myself again no more doing what isn’t a trademark…it’s only a matter of time.



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