My MCM is none other than the talented, beautiful, handsome, amazing, incredible, attractive, peng, all-you-are-not, all-you-can’t-be, forever-my-male-crush-until-I-get-married, that’s-if-I-don’t-marry-him, hottest, badder-than-you and many wonderful things more BVB professional player MARCO REUS. *in Lady gaga’s voice* APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!!

From the hairs on his head to the soles of his feet
From his forehead to his chin
From his neck to his ankles
From his shoulders to his knees
Fearfully and wonderfully made
He’s so “crushious” “crushable” and all things “crushy” lol

Take a look at beauty but DO NOT FALL IN CRUSH LIKE ME *rme*

Check that smile out, tell me why he won’t be my MCM now!! 😀



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