Hello beautiful people,
So yesterday I tweeted something about anyone being interested in joining the radio for a day to be my guest host, you could read it  Here if you wish. What is this all about? For the summer since a lot of teens are around, they’re hosting a lot of parties, attending a lot of parties, releasing a lot of songs and so on, having a chance to talk about all this and stuff related on the radio could be a lot of fun. It’s not just talks and talks that’ll go on in the studio, if you’re one that is loved then there’d be celebrity hangouts, give aways, if you sing/rap you could even be privileged to have your song aired on the radio plussss, if the summer is made worthwhile and your listeners are pleased on air you could bag yourself an endorsement. Cool right?? I know!!
If you’re interested, you could tweet at me, send me a direct message, leave a comment, send an email, how ever you choose but please note that it’s only open to pre-teens and teens aged 11-18.

                           GIVE IT A THOUGHT 🙂



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