The Visitor

    She almost doesn’t alert me on her arrival. She can mess me up if care is not taken. I have to be on my toes having the square wrap nearby to watch out for when she will return. I am always glad to see her, she is God’s blessing to me, together we shall be fruitful, we shall multiply and replenish the earth but…she’s pain.

  She won’t know this but I do. Everytime she comes around, it’s like a war has just begun. I can’t be the normal person that I am, if I want to be for at least a few hours then tiny oval or round solids have to pass down the system. Do you know what a scare does to people? It causes some to run, some to cry, some to toss, some to turn, some to scream and the likes, that’s what she poses as to me…a scare.

   She will make you neat, she will make you conscious, she will make you careful, for that is her way. You cannot afford to be the opposite of these and do your thing, ooohhh how she will show you what she is made of. When ever she arrives you choose to be a rose or a shrub, a dove or a vulture, a mountain or a valley etc whichever you choose, she’ll gladly play along. She’s nice like that.

   I love her no doubts, she has her good days and her bad days but the weird thing is how the bad overshadows the good. I was told she’s really nice to some and really mean to some. I guess she’s nice and mean to me, at least she doesn’t stay too long. I was told that when the men who are high get broken, she visits with no discomfort at all, I wait patiently for that day and so do the men.

I try to forget the odds.
I chose to see her as a blessing and that’s how i’ll always see her.
She is one important visitor that is like a teacher and one I always look forward to seeing until her men restrict her.


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