As some us may know, in my last post an idea popped into my head to call my readers (both the consistent and inconsistent) MAUVERS. It’s quite a cute name right? I know.
   So, how did the word “Mauvers” come about? You see, it’s more like lovers of the mauve, I just felt we should be cool you knoww, like start our own that thing that people start lol.
  This name carries a lot of power oo, imagine we were an army now and our commander should shout “MAUVERS!! UNITE!!” or we were super heroes gaan chaiii it is already sweet in my head sef which is why this day, the 25th of July, 2014 I pronounce myself and all ye who just read this post MAUVERS!!! Woohoo!! *singing* when we celebrate!! We dey pop champagne!! We dey pop champagne!! We dey pop champagne!! Pop pop pop pop, pop pop pop, pop pop something!! Okay that’s enough!


-As a Mauver,
I will love,
I will be joyful,
I will be peaceful,
I will be patient,
I will be kind,
I will be good,
I will be gentle,
I will be faithful,
I will control myself,
I will put others needs first,
I will love nutella, 
I will love skittles,
I will love ferrero rocher chocolate
I will wear neat underwear,
I will support the mauve
I will do only what is right and well pleasing in God’s sight.

So help me God. Amen.

Congratulations People!! Lololol
This is just part one of our creed + our logo or title block, whatever that thing is will soon be up. Weeeeeee!!!!

I love you all xx Mauvers xx



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