Hello Mauvers,
How’s your day going? I hope better than mine. If it’s not better than mine then too bad for you because my day so far is like a bowl of vomit…disgusting, irritating, icky etc
Why so? You may ask, well I’d tell you.

   A lovely day today started off to be, I woke up in high spirits, oh how I felt nothing could dampen this day. A saturday as you know, a day that’s never dull all over the world with events here and there so you can guess what event I had planned to attend. The most popular on saturdays, yes, a wedding.
    I did all I had to do as per morning duties so that couldn’t have hindered me. I had my bath, I dressed up, I brushed my hair, I put on my liner and lipstick, I looked all glam and ready to go.
    Stepped out of the house, waiting by the car, snapchatting on how wonderful the day just got, until…until…I don’t even know how to put it out to you but all I was hearing was, “Sharon has to stay”, “Sharon you just stay”, “You don’t really have to go”, “Don’t worry we’d still go out another day”, “Other days are coming” “sorry” and all that kind of talk. The reason, I know not because all what I heard as reasons made little or no sense to me at that moment…I cried. I cried tears of, “how could this be?”, “After all this my dress up”, “Ohh my lipstick is wasted”, “I had no other plans”, “I shouldn’t have had my bath this early”, “Is it because i’m younger?”, but then I said to my tears, “GET BACK IN THERE TEARS!!!”, I had to man up!
    I took off my shoes, removed my earrings, picked up my bag, wanted to delete my snaps but as network would have it, they didn’t even send so I re-snapped with the caption, “My day dreams crushed” and I just went to my room. I said nothing to no one, I didn’t have to. What they had done was enough. I was disappointed. I was pained. Not for anything but the fact that I was sluggish towards the outing but they took my hopes high and made me get ready.

What else could a girl do but to take her dignity, her poise, her grace, her elegance, her humility and walk away? Nothing! So I did just that.  I got into my casuals and I just laid on the bed, where I was upon writing this.

It then dawned on me that, SUCH IS LIFE.
So I forgive them.

Any thing longer than this would have frustrated my phone and maybe you so I had to KISS.

(ps – KISS is an acronym for “Keep It Short and Simple)




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