He’s the male of a past i’m trying to forget, but someway, somehow, I find myself remembering him. I thought it to be easy but i’ve realised it’s not. What is it about him? What does his image want with me? Is he trying to get me out of my mind? Is enough pain not caused already? Isn’t it enough that another was picked over me?  How hard does he want the soft heart I have to become?

I never expected it, thought it never to happen but I was wrong. I had no intentions of being a spy kid, but one clue led me to discover some truth. I wouldn’t dwell on his reasons for her, it was hurtful I must say, but i’m still very much into this mystery because I do not know the truth the main yet and I guess that’s where all this is coming from.

He’s still wanted, i’m not confused. It’s this way because of no formal introduction, it’s this way because I melted like wax at his heat, it’s this way because of that nocturnal connection (so I read), it’s this way because I was numb when it came to him, it’s this way because I was led on, it’s this way because I was lied to, it’s this way because the feelings were not today, it’s this way because he’s a G at what he does, it’s this way because he has a problem he to deal with either an unconscious or a conscious one. It’s this way, it’s this way, maybe yes or maybe no.
I’m doing no wrong right? I just want to be set free, to be at peace with he and her but I guess he’s not ready. He might really be enjoying this. I believe the truth will set me free, so I wanna set free he and I free! That way, he’ll be out of my head, my dreams, my thoughts, my imaginations and my whole mind.
Not forever but not as hard in as he is now.

He’s like the  Freddy Krueger of my time only without the weapons, while asleep he’s trying to ruin me but while awake he’s given me what to think on and how to avoid or ruin him aswell.
He ought to know; I want to let live, let peace and let God. I want harmony but i’m either being haunted, hunted or both by a male of not even a year in my life yet…because he’s still wanted.

(Who cares about a spell check?)



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