Thinking on le blog:

   It’s a free world, it’s a world of choice, it’s a world where everyone is righteous in their own eyes oh yes quite agreed, oh no doubt about that.
There are somethings though that I ask myself, “Should they be deemed right in the eyes of those that do them?” I mean, what goes wrong? How unliterally blind can a person be?

Take this for instance:
   One morning, I was taking a walk to my estate gate to get a few stuff outside. There was this lady also taking a walk for what I know not casually using her phone, smiling and sashaying. In all her demo, let me just say she forgot she had a face mask on, rollers on her hair and was still in her pjs. At what? Like minutes to 10 am, just to mention, when anyone steps out of the estate gate; they are greeted by the express. Oh how I thought she was going to stop at the gate at least and not pass it but dearly beloved, that lady passed that gate 😥
   Let’s say she thought she was still in her compound, you know now like her phone conversation took her places unconsciously, who knows?

  In fact, it’s so bad that some women drive out to places in that manner, they go to the market, they even go as far as dropping their kids in school!! What’s their saving grace? Oookkaaayy, because they’re inside car abi? Kenechukwu clap for yourself, well done!!

   All i’m trying to say is that personally I feel it’s wrong to leave your house in that manner, no matter how short you think the distance is, unless of course you’re stuck in an emergency emergency situation where you really really have no no no single option but to leave your house immediately, of which maybe you can even quickly tidy up but then only in such situations.

Anything other than that is a NO NO NO. Please don’t do it, it irks the @#%&@#%#%@ out of me.

Let’s help make Nigeria a better place!
Save a life!!

Peace Mauvers xx

(who needs a spell check?)



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