Helloooo beautiful Mauvers,

How’s your sunday going?
Powerful? Inspiring? Fun? Drab?
Did you go to church or nah? Smh

Well, my sunday’s been amazing!! Lunch with my family was so wow-o-wow I can’t explain it.

Church on the other hand was powerful and highly inspiring. Let me give you a brief because I wanna ;;)

  So today’s topic was on successful living through oppurtunities. One key bible verse was Ecclesiastes 9:11


– Time + chance = Oppurtunity

– The first thing is to desire oppurtunity.

– God gave to everyone; time, chance and power.

– Oppurtunities come. Some are recurrent while some are but once. God is good so a lot are recurrent.

– When you’re planning or making an aim, make sure it’s in line with God’s plan because before you were born, God had set out a plan and purpose for you.

– Don’t just take up jobs, find out what they are about to avoid purpose crisis.

– If you must be successful, you must shine your eyes for you do not know your day of visitation.

– Everyone and anyone can be successful.

– No man is utterly wasteful or useless because there is something on the inside of men.

– You need to be specific in your approach to God.

   Then a few examples of people who had oppurtunities and how they used them like Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52), the 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19) and the man Jesus told to sell all he had to be perfect (Matthew 19:16-22)

   These are like the key things I got from the ministration and since i’m nice, i’m sharing my knowledge with you.

  In closing, lol “in closing” umm as I was typing, in closing, you may wonder why some people are more successful than you.
Just ask yourself, “How do you use the time, chance and power given to you by God?”

Stay Blessed Mauvers xx

Have a prosperous & successful week!!



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