Big head, big head, no hips, struggle butt. This is the what now? Second if not third birthday you’re spending in that oyibo land without me your day one gyal! Me that i’ve been your birthday paddy for like 9yrs but it’s cool, let me say I understand.
     Soooo happy birthday Dikky Dikson Dikoo mama the mama of the now operation 15-16-17, we welcome you with all our hearts. We pray God blesses you in all you do.

   Me I just dey observe, true true you don dey change small small, see ya hair, as if that one no do see ya cloth plus shoe join. You just dey kak for us, well done, na you oo!!

   This your 16th is a new year for you so happy new year. Live it with all gladness, embrace God like never before and watch yourself glow!

To get bestfriend no easy, you are blessed you have a correct, soji one ;;)

Much love xx


(Who needs a spell check?)



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