DBEYR – Don’t believe everything you read, this an acronym I saw in my girl talk book. IT IS NOT A LIE!!
  I was so what’s the word? Annoyed? Or is it disappointed? Wanna know why? *sigh*. Well, for the first time in my entire life I think I took the weather forecast seriously. I watch Channels television almost every morning (not by will but by my dad’s daddiness authority so more or less by force) and I always see the weather reports but I just think them, bleehhh.
    Yesterday, I felt forecasty, I felt like let me give this a try, so I did and it read sunny with light showers for Lagos. Guess what? Ohh yess, it was the opposite, my side of Lagos was sunny all through. Then today, it read sunny like only sun sunny and guess what, it was cloudy with rain.
   Where did I ever go wrong? I know these things aren’t 100% accurate, but isn’t this just too far off? Maybe i’m missing something like i’m not getting a hang of this yet.


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