Some if not most of you don’t know about this beauty. It’s so cute, small, amazing, awesome and polaroidy. Yup! The whole polaroid deal is old but this my must have polaroid is new. It’s the polaroid socialmatic!!!

What about the socialmatic?
A little from what the great Sharony (I)  read;

1. It shows feelings with mood assistant.

2. It’s got “countless” apps.

3. It’s got Wifi services.

4. It’s got a 14mp front camera and 2mp rear camera.

5. It’s got bluetooth.

6. It runs on android

7. It’s got GPS.

  I’m sure there’s more to it, as for the release? I’m not so sure about that yet, couldn’t get any convincing 411 off the internet so it’s not yet out in the market. What i’m sure of is, when it’s out, i’m getting that baby.
    My current camera could use some rest now, she’s reached retirement age, ohh how she’s been there for me :’)

   I’m a fan of cute tiny portable things, I guess that’s why i’m attracted.



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