God please take control. Patience is a vitue. I’m a girl of virtue so I have to show it. This is what I was telling myself while waiting for that banker to attend to me.
   I walked into that bank before the closing hours of 4 sooo please i’m justified. My heart wanted to start racing because I was to make payments for something that was ending today yet the banker was posting me lowkey. He was telling me of how the system this, log in that, platform those and a bunch of other stuff that just wanted to make me wish I had some kind of powers. You can imagine how I felt, to make it worse, the bank was stuffy plus there was nowhere to sit, has something similar happened to you?
    You know, sometimes, it’s good to have leg in somewhere as per know someone of higher authority in times like this, but then, that seems some how as well.
    I waited ohh yes I did, for minutes that felt like hours, tried to snapchat but the building restricted my network so my snaps won’t send well I just saved them, smelt so much money I got irritated, sat till my bum felt panery, thought till I decided to write this and blah blah blah.
  “Excuse me, excuse me” like flash I went to the desk, “yeah?”, “you can pay in the money now”…ohhh gracious Father!! Thank you!! This was at half past 5 pm but I didn’t care baby, I was about done!
  I paid in the money, WAITED a bit more for a paper I was to receive then…bye bye bank, I was out.
What a day, I just thank God it went through, I couldn’t have gone and come back after all my wait.

Patience indeed is a virtue. If you lack it, acquire it.

PS – I tried road side fried turkey today and daaaayyyyyuuuummm it is goood…soo goood.

PPS – I think I still crush that fine banker.

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