I’m still on the help me stage, and now temptation has followed. Yeah I was to lock the hair sometime in july so I said (here) but it’s life, things change. Right now, I won’t want to say i’m struggling but it’s not all rosy up here on my head at the moment. Hold up! Before your brains start imagining the whats-not on my head, the hair is not bad at all…the only “struggle” I face is the texture.
    The hair is growing out pretty fast, it’s not breaking, no flakes on my scalp, i’m doing quite a good job you know. I know some might say there’s no such thing as a stubborn hair but mehn I think they haven’t met mine. When I was like 7, I was on the natural look but then my hair was breaking too many big combs so I was just made to relax it. Over the years, even relaxing my hair makes no much of a difference as hair stylists would say to me “your hair is due/almost due” and can you imagine I always used the super of my relaxer.
    Is it coconut oil? Mayonnaise? Eggs? Honey? Black tea? Covering hair in a plastic bag for hours? You just name the food or procedure. I have tried all. It might just be me sha, maybe I just haven’t found the right hair care products or recipe that’ll work for me or maybe I need some patience and some more loving because with this stubborn nature I am soooo tempted to relax it again.

Advice? Anyone?

PS – Check that fine gyal out! Oh boy!!



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