It all started a little long while ago, well…I came across this really fine guy and I’m like “thank you Jesus”. Don’t get it all wrong it’s not what you think, Reus remains my MC all day just as I mentioned (here) but it has never hurt anyone to acknowledge another person’s beauty now has it?
   Sooooo my mcm this monday is OMAR BORKAN AL GALA!!! Omddsss, omddssss, omddsss lol I am not exxagerating now but he is actually really handsome.
A little about Omar:
He’s 23 – 25 years old (You know all these people we can’t be so sure)
He was born september 23rd
He’s Iraqi born
He’s 6’4 inches tall (too cute)
He’s a model
He lives in dubai (cute)
He’s beautiful -_-
  Apart from being very handsome, my attraction and “crushity” to him are his interests which are modelling, acting, poetry, art, fashion and photography (these are sooo mee *sigh*)
  It’s picture time, but noooo…i’m going to limit the pictures I share of my crush, no one and I mean NO ONE will…well I don’t care, you can find his picture wherever you want but not on this blog people, NOT ON THIS BLOG -___-
PS – I read over the internet that he was sent out of Saudi Arabia or so for being too handsome. Can you imagine?
PPS – Maybe Reus has some competition now.
PPPS – I am not confused!
Picture time!!!

Such a fine guy right? I know 


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