It’s closer than 11 months ago, it’s next month this time, in fact it’s in 8 weeks, and even though it’ll be during the school period (as always), I’m still excited, I always am.
I once came across a quote off the Internet that read, “Ye receive not because ye ask not”, therefore, I present to you – my gift wishlist!

 Precious Metals or Gems: These could be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches etc. Real will touch my heart.

I want to be confused like this

    Apparel: It can be a dress, top, skirt, hat, bag, head bands etc

    A pile like this

    Then i’d arrange to something like this
    Footwear: It can be sandals, boots, sporty shoes, heels etc so I’d wonder what and what not to wear…

      Tickets: It can be travel, concert, food, movie, whatever is good.

      A New Phone: Any phone with an amazing camera will be sooo nice. Okay let’s be factual, I’d like the Htc Desire Eye. I don’t even know what it is with me, the moment my eyes fell on the phone, my love did too. Which colour do you prefer? I prefer the red.

      A New Camera: Nothing too big or professional, just the really cute, chic and portable Panasonic Lumix Dmc-Gx7. This would be perfect for another reason – Marco Reus (my footballer boyfriend) is Panasonic’s brand ambassador and…you know.

      My Beau *.*
      This is it

      A Celebrity: A date with or a note from or a video directed to me from Marco Reus or Taylor Swift ONLY. Note the ONLY.
      See their faces so you know:

      Taylor Swift

        Marco Reus

        MARCO REUS

        Okay i’m done, there’s nothing else I can think of that I want…for now

        *Deep Sigh*


        This is little compared to what you can do yeah? I’d do better next time lol, be in the birthday spirit with me :’)


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