It’s not unlikely that most people haven’t heard of World Photography Day. World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography. Whether you
see yourself as an Amateur, Hobbyist or Professional.
   World Photography Day has been celebrated pretty steadily for the past twenty years. The date of August 19th is chosen because that was the day the newly-invented Daguerrotype was announced to the public by the French government, in 1839. The year 1839 is unofficially the year that photography was invented.

Click –>  (here) to read more on World Photography Day and –> (here) to read more on the history of photography and –> (here) to read on photography.

  On World Photography Day, some people go as far as throwing parties in honour of photography O.O , you know of course it’ll be mostly the white people as for we Nigerians, lol I can’t say.
  Since it’s world photography day, i’m taking the time to appreciate all photographers and showcasers of photography especially Dotun Ayodeji who’s my all time favourite photographer, he makes everything in the photography world awesome, he makes love even lovelier from his pre-wedding shoots to his weddigng shoots.
You can check out his work here on
     Different reasons attract me to his works, happy World Photography Day Dotun, keep being the best in what you’re best in.
Throw a party if you can, celebrate what you love which is photography.
Live the life!

PS – What is happening? Have you noticed how female photographers are rare in Nigeria?

PPS – I need to gear and top this field. You’re looking at one badass photoG coming up!

PPPS – Is it just me or does it seem like more Yoruba people are into photography?

PPPPS – This is the last P and S, scratch that, fiki fiki!!

Happy world photo day once again!



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