Dear Diary

Nail Update || Metallic Gold

Hello guys and babes,
It yo girl S to tha H to tha A to tha RON and i’m coming up straight this time with a little of my own kinda piece of mind….
Guess what? I got my nails done, not how I wanted them but oh well at least they’re not that bad. I was to get purple metallics from Casabella at the palms but I was too lazy to go all the way so I went to the Casabella at ikota complex thinking stock will be the same but I was wrong lol no purple 😥

I just had to settle for gold, I stuck them on myself (as a G) as much as they don’t look as perfect here, just know they’re not that photogenic but in real life ehn!! Oh boyy heads are turning.
See my hint of purple I put on, I gat to put my purple y’know the love I have for purple is like unbeatable banzuke!!

What do you think?

One thought on “Nail Update || Metallic Gold


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