Greetings beautiful people,
So i’m taking a blog-break to finish up some important stuff that’s coming up but you know your best girl is very generous so before I take my sweet break let me leave you with a little of what I learnt in church today:

** Live life at God’s pace
** Don’t set your affections on material things.
** The world creates an uncalled hype to those material things.
** If you try to live life at the pace of the world, you will fail because you cannot meet up.
**For you to meet up, you have to become OF the world which is against the word that says “We are IN the world but not OF the world”

** Get a real life and set your heart on God and on things above because “where your treasure is, so will your heart be”

** Earthly things are temporal but heavenly things are eternal.
** What you value will fill your minds and hearts.

How To Be Real
** Realise that real life is only in Jesus Christ.
** Eliminate stuff that holds you back eg what you allow yourself dwell on, how you spend your time etc
** Allow Jesus be your main focus.
** Look and lean on Jesus. He’s there to help you see you through.

  Well, the choice is yours, will you believe the hype or search for real life?

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all xx



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