She thought to herself, “how hard could this be? I can do it na, is it not just to stay off the internet until what i’m doing is over?”
Is it not just my foot! It is not just oo, unless you can determine in your heart of hearts and ask the Lord for assistance for it to be just.
   Was it tempatation? She wasn’t bothered, after all if she just re-subcribed to her data what notifications will come in if not the normal whatsapp, BBM, twitter, Instagram etc notifications but then she thought being without those didn’t bother her much, she could do without them. What made her break her ‘not-subscribing-to-data-until-I’m-done plan? She couldn’t take it any longer.
   Who was she deceiving? She visited her twitter for updates, visited her blogger,visited random blogs, shopped online, got addicted to telemundo, visited her polyvore and even created a set! She tried to justify herself with the words of “it’s not my phone, laptop or data” but how did that work out? She was looking for a way, looking for a reason…someway somehow she subscribed before she was done with all she had to do.
   She fought it, she almost didn’t know when her fingers typed the activation code and even tapped ‘send’ on the screen. Thank God it was the one day plan. It was done, the data couldn’t waste she had to use it or it’ll expire anyways and plixxx her money couldn’t waste. She used it. She typed this. She did it for you, YES YOU OOO YOU !! She told the story. She is going off for maybe 3 days again (she thinks). She has to try. She can do this.


Lol i’m bored x



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