When Fun Becomes Less Fun (I)

  Writing to her for them used to be fun. It was my hobby, I looked forward to delivering a post. I did it for her, not them.
She gave me many reasons to let my imaginations run. She payed me lovely compliments on my work and made me go on to research. She gave me good headaches because i’d make I write in the best way possible. I only did this so reading or editing would be interesting.
    I felt so connected to her like she were my elder sister because of her simplicity and friendliness. We all know things happen for reasons we almost can’t explain. The brick that dropped when she told me she was no longer the one i’d write to, I felt it. Now i’ve become so lazy, the love that once was, no longer is. I’m stuck inbetween anger and sadness. What used to be like the city of Lagos became the sahara dessert. It were as though we built the platform but were being swept out.
    I guess we find ourselves in different situations that turn things around for us. The connection with a new person seems so hard to reach. As much as I shouldn’t be disappointed, lazy and discouraged to keep writing to whoever now holds that position, I still am.
Everything surrounding the is idea is just so…bland.

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