You were noticed on the first day, because you were the honey the bees couldn’t keep off. The moth I was, attracted to the honey and wanting but couldn’t get close, I might get stung or stuck because it just wasn’t and wouldn’t be my thing. What could I do but to forget about it or at least make myself believe I have forgotten?
    The weeks go by, I’m in the hive and of course different…I don’t make much noise or cause a scene. Noticed and now a case study, all eyes on me..carefully but as well carelessly. Buzz, buzz, buzz, the bees won’t stop, a few days gone, honey has arrived. Bees swarming, buzz buzzing, honey must be adding something to their lives.
     Dear moth, what is honey to you? You have no business around it, your attraction of weeks ago makes no meaning. A day or two down, who ever said a moth can’t have honey? Well this moth had. The honey came on a platter of gold, moth hid her want but honey made her see she could almost not resist. Oh I knew that honey was too good to be true, how can a moth keep up with honey? Only the bee can.
    I’m just thinking, was the honey made by John Tucker? because it has got more female bees around it. Honey can be deceiving, makes you really like it but gives you the sour after taste. Just a heads up, honey isn’t what it appears to be.



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