If patience is a virtue then so is perseverance; don’t forget that. What i’m about to tell you will totally blow your mind, it’s going to flip your ears, it might get you straight faced, it might make you shake your head, you might ask yourself “So I took seconds out of my time to read this?”, but it will inspire you (not really). It is just to show you that the littlest things teach lessons…

  It all began a little while back, being the baby girl that I am; I decided to start playing one game. This game got me interested, it was not a norm or an everyday thing so you know I could stay a day or two without it. One precious day as I was about to start playing this game, I noticed a foreign body at the top right corner of the screen; it was new, it was small, it was purple, it was a bird, it was something named…ODUS!!! *sinister music*
   You see when Odus came into my life, we were an advenrure. I began to like it small because well, I like new stuff but little did I know that Odus had its sneaky ways. How did I get to find out? Oh Smh, I found out during my experience with times when I thought “oh yeah i’m finally getting a hang on this thing” and i’m about to get past a level, then the annoying bird will start to hop and then weeeeee…fall so what next? Level failed. I had to find a way which I did and somehow somehow I got to level 47. This was where Odus decided to show me.
    For some reason this level was just irritating, I played everytime I was bored (this took up to a month i’m sure) but silly Odus won’t quit falling!! (Don’t even ask me about boosters) And you know how once you’ve exhausted the 5 lives, some wait it will be. I didn’t give up, take note, I took a break so I was like “hahaha what is this thing? I will just abandon you there, did they give birth to me and assign to you? Certainly not” and so I just abandoned Odus. I’m sure it must have thought I gave up but oohhh nooo, One other day which was today lol I decided to play this Odus’ level once more…this time I told it, “it’s ooooonnnnnn!! You’re going down birdie!!!”, just like a shooting star I passed the level and took Odus dowenn (in that level oh there’s more 😥 ) just when yeye Odus was about to Fall…Again but I passed yes I did with 3 stars and Ohhh yes I felt fulfilled lol.
The rest is history.

Where do patience and perseverance come in here now? Dearly beloved, these two are part of the key to over coming things that seem like road blocks in your life whether they are little, big, serious or unserious.

Did I inspire you? You’re welcome.


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