My throwback is to part of the good ‘ol elite model look days. This day was the day of the press conference at Ikoyi to officially present the 14 finalists. It started out as such an AWKWARD and CONFUSED day. Not that I wasn’t expecting a press conference or something, I just thought i’d be informed earlier about it. This fateful day I left the house real early because I had a 9:00 am paper to sit for when I received a call to be at the office ASAP, at first I was so confused until they told me why and what I should bring, thank God the paper I had that day was a less important one. I then had to call the house telling them to bring the stuff I was required to bring to the road side as the driver was taking me to Ikoyi.
   It’s so funny how it looked as if it were my fault I was “late” for it. See me see Jesus o, they were questioning me and making statements like “why are you late?”, “didn’t we call you since?”, “Look at the time you are arriving here” and stuff like that, the make up artists almost even didn’t do my make up lol. I was just silent because I couldn’t explain to them that I wasn’t Superman or The Flash.
   Long story short, I got my make up done, got my hair done (I heard whispers but some people who had the liver said to me “aww you’re so pretty”, tryna make my head swell and cheeks hurt), got the black dress I have on, met the other girls, spoke a little to some people who interviewed me, took photos and…Ohhh yeah I went there with my manager lol my sister Beulah who calls herself my manager…It was a blissful day in the end.

Picture Time —>

Beulah (My Manager) and I
I tried not to smile
Pretty Girls Were Just All Around Me (L-R, Atinuke, Nora, Myever and Wendy)
More Fine girls (L-R, Sandra and Oyinda) — Hayyy see me at the back, far left talking >_>
Innocent liru girl
Here, my sister thought she could be a photographer – see the effect now
Her ugly-razz photo I took lol
Too much light on our faces
We were goofing around here because I think we were waiting for something

Photo Credit: Errr…my sister and I

At a point we got so lost in our picture taking that we caught a lady just looking and smiling at us then later on she walked up to say something I can’t quite remember but it was nice lol



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