Hello guys,
It’s just been like two days gone without a post, how almost normal of me…
So what’s up with you? I have been busy and excited at the same time so let’s say i’ve been busily excited or excitedly busy, anyone. To begin with, Someone’s Watching aka Observando Voce was just concluded yesterday evening, what is that you may ask? It’s one of the few telenovelas i’ve been following on telemundo (it’s a free world please), can you believe Julian just got burned to death?!?! Why would the directors, producers or script writers allow such a thing like that to happen? For all the pain and suspense he brought upon everyone he should have suffered a bit, maybe they could have made it in such a way that Rodrigo will beat Julian up, then strap him to the bed as he (Julian) did to all his victims then remove all his nails one by one with a plier, and pull out most of his teeth also with that plier or just do something that’ll cause him pain slowly..ugghh they didn’t try for that part. As for Valeria, ohh she was not smart at all, before Julian stabbed her, when she made him unconscious she could have burst one of his eyeballs or used his knife to stab that part of his knee cap at least but nooooo she didn’t, Julian just had to kill her. As for Piedad, I have no words, they just made that character “Piedad” an expert in the business of “mumuness”, please how daft or blind can one person be? Let me just not write again. Only that this show was not written/produced this year, I would have written to the writers, producers and ALL of them. Yes! It’s that serious.
I’m glad the series has ended though, Benjamin and Tatiana got back together, so did Piedad and Rodrigo, obvious things and I just  have Coracao Valente, Santa diaba and Mi corazon insiste et lola volcan to go lol >_>
Dont try telling me how the plots are, I already read and know them but you know reading is not the same as watching.
   Now on the bright excited side, i’m really glad that the new beginnings in my life have begun, I cannot thank God enough, tell me, what can I do? I can’t live without God, I can’t live without his love, great grace, mercy, favour and every good and pleasant thing he has to give me.
As time goes by, I shall introduce you to these new beginnings.

“Every good and perfect gift comes from God, just say what you want to have. Believe and you shall receive”

     Have a blessed week!!!



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