There’s this saying that goes, “give ______ to whom ______ is due”, have you ever come across it? I have, and that’s what I try to be all about. As some of us know, there’s this world or zone called the “blogosphere”. A world where I’m just a baby girl that’s still crawling, but in this same world there are 3 amazing baby girls that are now walking, running, reaching and touching a lot of things. I just wonder if they ever crawled.To be honest, I haven’t really come across a lot of personal/style/fashion/life blogs that are as chic as theirs (if you have, drop a link and let me attest to it). I’m giving recognition to whom recognition is due. 
   That short preceding story just leads to one thing – My top 3 favourite Nigerian (you know the rest) bloggers. I want you all to meet Dodos, Toyin and Cassie!, I havent particularly met any of them in person but I feel this force that is bringing us together ._. 
    All three of them are pretty, they possess this thing that just keeps me refreshing their pages for whatever update, and they have got style I must say.
Tid Bit On Dodos:
   I came across Dodos’ blog a few months back during one of those random fashion searches I do online. Her style is so neat, classy and somewhat effortless. She sooo pretty and she’s not only a fashion/beauty blogger, she’s also a make up artist. I remember I just had to leave a message on her blog avowing my love for her style.
Blog: IAmDodos
Favourite Post(s): All especially the Simple Everyday MakeupPlaid, Please and Neon x Foral posts.

Tid Bit On Toyin

    I began following Toyin’s blog up sometime early this year and it’s like from her blog you can tell that she has this down to earth-care free-fun lifestyle. I’m drawn to her blog because of her not-afraid to try this or that style. She’s a shopper (one with a good good eye for style I can tell).
Favourite Post(s):  Somewhere Being A HippieAn Ode To Wang and Black Almighty posts.

Tid Bit On Cassie
   I’m a one year reader of this blog *bell of blessing rings* lol, well from what I know, Cassie is a model, misc blogger and medical student. Writing about her blog can take a while because there’s just something about her blog. She might call it a fashion, life and style blog but with the way I see it, it’s more than just that. The blog is…let me say it is interestingly and oddly miscellaneous yet well organised. From the poems, to lessons, to fashion, to style, to everything it’s all about. It is a really nice blog to visit.
Favourite Post(s): Sorry I can’t even give a short list. I like almost all her posts.
    The cool things about all three of them is the fact that they’re young, pretty and stylish which is a plus. Now, I have been sitting on this chair for minutes just writing this short post and it seems like sleep or hunger is calling me. So on that note I rest this case, I feel content that I’ve put up this my procrastinated post.
    You better visit their blogs and know what i’m talking about >_>
                        Enjoy the rest of your day! xx

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