1. Be friendly: Don’t give an attitude, don’t think high or low of yourself. Just be friendly, say hi if you can, hug of you can, just do anything to show how friendly you can be.

2. Pray: Prayer is the key that unlocks the door to all pleasant things. Start with prayer, end with prayer.

3. Be patient: Do not be in a hurry, do not be hasty, do not rush. Even if you might be getting late for something, just chill, if it’s for you then all things will work for your good.

4. Listen: It’ll take nothing from you to just listen to what someone has to say. It might be so useful to you or someone you know.

5. Live right with God: This is how the foundation of your life should be. Live right with God, and nothing, absolutely nothing will be against you or go wrong with you.

   It’s not that i’ve never known all these but an event of yesterday made it dawn on me that these things are deeper than just the surface we see.
Anything can cause anything, so just learn to be friendly to others, pray for yourself and others, have patience, be a listener – an obedient one at that and encourage someone to live right God and you live right with God as well.

Do you know why?
It might be too late and you just might regret it.

Have a blessed weekend guys!



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