Hello everyone, I have got news for you.
There’s a new blog called PauShades run by students of the Pan Atlantic University, they want to invite to in their community and here’s what they have to say to you and your questions:

“What is PAU Shades?:

Yes you asked,
PAU shades is the social and interactive body of students of the Pan Atlantic University in Nigeria.

The Origin of the name:

The name was decided by a group of students, male and female of the university. PAU (Pan Atlantic University) is the name of the university and Shades came from the colours.
Our name basically came from the way a colour has different shades from lightest to darkest but remains the same colour. That’s just how we are – different skin colour, different hair colour/length, different body size, different characters, different attitudes, and the list is endless but the main point is, we remain united (the same colour).

The whole idea behind PAU Shades:

PAU Shades was created to share, interact and connect with every active person on the internet. To keep them up to date on our life in the Pan Atlantic University socially.

What we expect:

We expect to have a good relationship with people who connect and interact with us.

Our Motto:

Our differences unite us.

Social networks we’re on:
Twitter: @PAUShades

Facebook: PAUShades

: PAUShades

   For any other thing you need to know, you can send us an email at paushades@gmail.com, leave a comment on this blog or post it to us via Twitter, facebook or Google+.

                                     SEE YOU SOON!”



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