When I stumbled upon her profile on the blogger programme,  it was her picture that got me. I was like there’s no way this pretty face isn’t going to have style! Guess what, I was right,  no way, like it’s against the beauty code (whatever that is) for you to be pretty, a fashion blogger even more  and not have style.  What are you looking for? What is wrong? Lol Let me introduce you to this beaut I’m talking about – she’s Aine Tagon of Aine’s wardrobe.
  Aine is a student, fashion blogger and video blogger with a very relaxed approach to fashion. Her style is more street but chic. She knows how to make jaded look like so fresh and she does not care. Her style is safe and neat yet fashionable.

Can you see what i’m talking about? Isn’t she stylish? Isn’t she pretty?
You can check her blog out: Aine’s Wardrobe
Or her youtube page: Aine’s Wardrobe

  You see, because most of you aren’t internet wayfarers like me, you’d never come across such people you can crush on.


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