I’m not quite sure what the spelling might be but I know how to pronounce it. Fugar is a town in Edo state of Nigeria for your information.
  Never have I ever visited a state other than that of my dad or mum and stayed for up to a full day. Never have I ever even been excited about going to other states in Nigeria but this was different. I was told we (my sisters & I) were going to Fugar for the christmas break, not last week, not last month but weeks and months ago and I was totally cool with it. One major reason for my being cool was that somehow, the name “Fugar” sounded like some tropical island >_> (even though I knew it was going to be the opposite).

   We set out for our road trip. The farther away from Lagos we were, the more green and red we saw – trees and soil. Is it just me or does Lagos have less red soil compared to other states?
It’s been a while though, my last road trip was in 2007 and it was 9hours on the road so no big deal, 5-6 hours of sitting wasn’t a problem, at least we took a break. The juice we had was converted to what we call pee – we had to find a place. At a point, one of my sister’s was like “No, I can’t do it, cover me guys”, my mum was just there looking at her and was like “the piss never catch you”, haha you can guess what happened next.

  The accidents I saw on the road just left me thanking God. I can’t really number them but they were in different forms involving private cars, transport buses and trucks.There was even one explosion on the way to Ore and from what I saw, it involved tankers and cars, I just hope no one was feared dead.
  The risk takers on the road, the speed induced, the chief over-takers, the “smart” ones, the “sharp” ones and our dearly beloved police officers that swing their guns anyhow, stand on the road anyhow and try to RUN after cars ON A HIGHWAY!!
All of such people were on the road and more

  In all, the trip was a really nice one, from jamming American to Jamaican to Nigerian music in the car, to eating small small, to sleeping (me exclusive), to chatting with Bimpe my mentor and Martin my snap bestie throughout the trip , to not reading the book I carried, to a lot of things. I’m like if we took a flight, that road trip feeling wouldn’t be lived, neither would I have seen all I saw at that moment.
  We are here now, whole and hearty to the glory of God, expecting a pleasant stay in the much talked about Edo State.



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