It’s so funny how I’ve grown so used to living Lagos that visiting other places leave me in a state of awe. Nigeria is hot no doubt, but Lagos is hooot!
The last night into today has got to be my coldest this year, I don’t know for sure if it’s the harmattan or if this part of Edo state is just naturally cold, but whatever the case, where did our Lagosian harmattan take its rest? It was such a cold cold night, who sent me? When my dad was packing his sweater I was just wondering why. Now here I am, at least I took my jacket and a pair socks thank God but I enjoyed the cold and long night so much I couldn’t shut the windows.

  Who knew christmas here would be much fun? The food, drinks, people and the drive round town we took. During that drive, I noticed something really funny, did you know that the people of Fugar had an obsession? or was it just that christmas vibe posing they had going on? Hahaha like 70% of the females were on heels (wedges to be precise), the males on canvas and all were on shades, from ages baby to grandma, the sun had nothing on them, the trekking (walking) had nothing on them, nothing had nothing on them mehn.
A happy day as I expected it to be. Ohhhh and guess what? This house i’m staying at has dstv o, you know what that means…yep! Telemundo baby but that’s just aside.

Let me leave you with a proverb I heard today from one of the elders; it says,
“Whenever you want to strike your hand on your chest, it must be your right hand”

I hope today was worth it for you, remember Jesus and He’ll comfort you if you thought it wasn’t.

PS – (Forgive me guys, the network here is not it at all so pictures can’t be uploaded but I should put up a picture post when i’m back)



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