Still on the Fugar parole, what was once ice is now lava. This place is sooo cold at morning/evening/night and sooo hot in the afternoon. It goes from 0 to 100 real quick, faster than the speed of light.

Today was a day! We stood and walked like never before this year. We went to Agenebode; the market, to river Niger then finally to stream Obe.
When it comes to the market, dear friends, my mum can’t be your partner o. My mother and the market are bffs, she walks around without getting tired; pricing and buying, i’m like how does someone her age do that? I almost fainted, I became so dehydrated, how didn’t she feel the hot sun? I thought she was buying the whole market. Disliking going to the market doesn’t make one less a woman right?

Next stop river Niger, oh that walk, oh that sight, it was a beautiful one. We wanted to enter the boat for a 40 minute ride across and back but guess what? The life jackets were too less 😦 so my dad was like no no no, we cannot get on that boat. Sigh, my heart nearly broke into a million pieces, but thank God for that sweetly seasoned stick meat that crossed my path and stopped the heart.

Last stop, the stream Obe. The trees that surrounded that place, nothing like i’d ever seen. Have you ever seen a twisted tree? The stem was not our every day straight stem, this one was twisted like the way we have twisted braids lol. The leaves too were so odd. I wasn’t prepared enough, so only my feet could get into the water. I couldn’t act my Nigerian film, we stayed for just close to 15 minutes, who knows? maybe one young fine darksinned prince was going to bathe there if we stayed longer >_>

It was a lovely and interesting day, why is that, the day before people leave a place it always seems like the most interesting?

Pictures upon pictures, we took until we could take no.more.
(Don’t forget I told you about the picture post i’d put up when I get back to Lagos)

Tomorrow, it’s Lagos baby!
How was your day?
I hope it was a fun as mine.



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