Who ever thought I could have an experience, adventure and fun in less than a week?
  Fugar was an interesting place, it was nice to me even though the weather got me asking “To bathe or not to bathe”, even though it got my shoes red with it’s soil, even though it got my lips cracked, even though it made me oil my skin x2 in order to avoid being on the white skin gang, even though it made me breathe through my mouth and nose interchangably and so on. It made my skin fairer and fresher though, is it just me or does cold cause a change to the human skin?. Fugar was adventurous because it’s a place i’ve never vsited before in my life and Fugar, my tropical island seems to be a cold dessert.

  Minutes to 6 we set out on our Lagos journey, before anyone could even say anything long, operation sleep commenced. What’d you expect me to do? I woke up real early, some time around 3am so you can imagine. When did I even wake up? Around 7:30am and  before I could even yawn, operation hunger set in. Shoo? Did they send all those things? We had to stop at an eat-out along the road to Lagos and my oh my! Their food can make you wanna fly, no I won’t tell you what I ordered, if you were on my snapchat now you’d have known but too bad.
Did you know Ondo was on the way to Lagos? I was driving through Ondo without knowing. Omdss so I didn’t just go to Fugar but Ondo as well. It would have been cooler though, if we acted our own movie called “Around Nigeria in 4 days”

  The journey back was bliss, less accidents compared to the day we were going to Fugar and of course, the usual jamming to music. Now, I have the new year to boogie down in Lagos!

Hello Lagos, did you miss this baby girl? Yeah, whatever!

(I’ll keep to my word, picture post coming up, chill, I only just got here >_>)



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