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2014 – Words and Appreciation

  I chose the 31st to write this because it’s the last day of the year 2014.

   2014 was a  year of great grace for me. It was the turning point of a lot of things in my life and i’m grateful to God for them all.
I was unhappy, indifferent, irritated, almost faithless, negative but I was also hopeful, over joyed, full of faith, full of love and positive, all in this year. It taught me a lot of new things, opened my eyes to see, my ears to hear, my body to feel, the things less regarded.

  In this 2014, July to be precise, boredom and free internet blessed me with a wonderful family, you all. Those of you that read, reposted, retweeted, shared,  favourited, followed, criticized, advised, encouraged, thanked, liked, talked about, did everything! For me and this my baby girl blog. Without you, I wouldn’t have met the people I met this year so easily neither would I have received any offers and pleasant compliments from people, so thank you and I pray God makes your 2015 brighter than the sun.

  I want to thank two important people in my life specially, my dearest sister Beulah and my mentor Bimpe (whom I believe I met this year) because they always encourage, inspire, support and “promote” me in any way they can. It’s safe to say they are my number one fans!!
Let’s not forget my mum who lowkey reads my blog lol I didn’t send her o! But thanks to mummy dear as well.
My bestfriend Dika, thank you for being my bestfriend even up till 2014, baby girl we have tried, more years ahead of us.

  Ib, Ngozi, Chidinma, David Anthony, what year can go by without you four? Then it is not a year. Especially you Ngozi, my parole bebe. You are all so amazing and i’d keep enjoying and cherishing every moment with you for years and years to come.

To all the photographers that told me “Let’s have a shoot together”, God is watching you o, when you are really ready, I am too. Infact, I will buy my own correct camera and do my own shoots. In 2015, I aint gonna wait on nobody.

Hey Lolu lolsss, you know you were a huge part of my 2014 right?

  Oh to my dear chin chin chinos Chinedu, I just love you lol shey I started talking to you this year? Yeah, you’re such a chinos :’)

   To all the people I met this year and those I met wayyy back, I am glad I did meet you and I do not regret it. There’s this love I have for you that is stronger than village wine.

  To the internet, my phone and laptops, even in hanging times, slow times, “not saving draft” times, you still posted my posts. God bless this invention.

  To God, in Whom I live, I move and have my being. The maker of all things, words can’t express how much I love You and thank You for everything in this life you gave me.

Hey!! My birthday is on the 25th of January, don’t forget that.

Let it go, let go of that emotion, let go of the pain…start over again, you have no idea what it holds.
2015 we are ready for you, O set! More love, thanks, meetings, good, grace, more more.

Until the next post, next year, have a great 31st December, 2014.



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