It  just occurred to me that  I’ve never posted a “things you never knew about me post” which I believe isn’t right in this blogosphere. Well, since we’re still in the beginning of this new year, I might as well. What do you think? 20? 40? 100? How much do you want to know?
                                                 THINGS ABOUT ME

  1. I’m Sharon Nton Ntan.
  2. I was born 25-01-97
  3. I love God.
  4. I’m a Christian – a believer
  5. I’m a Nigerian-Ethiopian
  6. I have 5 sisters and 1 brother
  7. I have 1 pretty niece and 1 adorable nephew (well…i’m an aunty)
  8. I have a best friend, she’s just super amazing
  9. I love and I eat food a lot like a lot lot lot kind of lot but for some reason, I haven’t added any form of weight
  10. I’m an extrovert
  11. I am obsessed with butterflies and bows
  12. I’m a talkative
  13. I do not know my hobbies
  14. I can find anything interesting
  15. I cannot dance but I have moves
  16. I’m a reeeeeaaaaaaaalllly good singer (in my head)
  17. I can shop till I drop
  18. My favourite colour is purple that’s I named myself Mauve (it’s a shade of purple)
  19. I love fashion – I admire Amanda Garrigus, Victoria Beckham and Solange Knowles
  20. I love polyvore..when ever I feel like relaxing, I relax with polyvore (visit my profile
  21. I love boys (the ones who love God), and I love MARCO REUS, it just makes me so sad that I can love a human being as much as I love him
  22. Taylor Swift is amazing to me, her songs fill my head
  23. I love all things involving the arts
  24. I am obsessed with Ferrero Rocher chocolate and peanut M&M’s
  25. I’m one emotional girl like that
  26. I’m a razz girl, at least that’s what most of my close friends say but don’t think i’m one tout like that o, i’m also a really posh girl
  27. I never do things under influence
  28. Some people say I can be really rash and blunt but  how else do I deliver the truth?
  29. When I can, no one will stop me from getting a tiger
  30. I believe in love, hugging and showing appreciating people.

Do you know what I just realized? It’s so awkward writing things about myself. I’m really trying to think about all of me, what should I? what shouldn’t I? This is all I can think of now…

You love me already right? I had a feeling.



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