Late Post || African Queen


   This is new to me, it’s not my everyday hairstlye, but I decided to try it out. Isn’t it funny how some people call it bantu knots but some call it something else? Hmm, that was how I walked into one salon on saturday. The lady asked me politely, ”what hair would you like to do miss?”, in the like manner I responded ”bantu knots please”. Her expression was priceless, I could have taken a picture, but you know she didn’t want to appear unprofessional so she just nodded. I guess she couldn’t take it no more, she asked me if she could see a picture.
I showed the lady the picture, she then laughed and told one of the other stylists ”She wan do African queen, make e no too high, small small round” oh my days I had no words, all I could think of was how communication is differs and reality is what people’s eyes and minds can grasp.

   It didn’t take too long, in like two hours we were done and everyone thought it was nice (well of course they’d call their work nice *rme*) but I guess it was after all. What do you think? How do I look? Do I get a yay or a nay?

Ew,  I feel so odd

I thought I should post a full picture of me, I realised it’s rare


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