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   So I finally turned eighteen, who else could have made it possible for me to meet this special birthday? If not God then who? No one. That is why I love God so much, He makes things possible and good in its time and from the depth of my heart I thank Him even as He takes control of this day.

Not too long ago I was Seventeen and in something like a blink of an eye, Eighteen. Seventeen was a funny year, a lot happened that I didn’t even expect, both good and bad, but I’ve grown to believe that all things happen for good, my good. And that’s what makes me so nostalgic about becoming eighteen: because seventeen was just so wonderful. Furthermore, eighteen means becoming an adult; a grown woman, a fine fine fine lady ahhh, it’s not just another candle on the cake with plenty to eat like the past birthdays were.

Eighteen is the setting
sun to my childhood, and the dawn of a brand new world. Eighteen means being legal in most countries, Eighteen means maximum imprisonment for anything done wrong against the state, Eighteen means I can begin to vote in future elections, Eighteen means all ye suitors can begin to flow in lol. Eighteen marks change in everything, not just the number to the age. Eighteen is responsibility and
sensibility with less recklessness. Eighteen is freedom, chance. and risk with caution. Eighteen is seriously putting all those passions, hobbies and talents that were seen as bleh into some serious money making business. Eighteen is challenging and different and that’s what’s thrilling and exciting about it.
But all this doesn’t mean Eighteen will be any less wonderful than the other years have been.

Matthew 6:24 says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Therefore all I care about is TODAY, January the 25th 2015. That is all!

Eighteen is going to be wonderful. Every January 25th is a new year for me. Eighteen is my new year. Happy new year to me.

Eighteen is still only the beginning.

The cards, messages, presents and heart warming words make me see there’s still love in the world. That’s why I always enjoy my birthday, it is only then I feel mass TLC (Tender Love and Care) even from people I don’t know. Thank you all xx

Happy Birthday To Me!

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