MARCH and a few stuff

    Is it too late to say happy new month? Forgive me, I’ve just been living my days I forget to keep track of dates which is bad I know but happy new month anyway, welcome to the month of march and to the new week, how’ve the past 8 days  been?

    My past week was odd, who thought transport by public means was an easy thing? Since I’m still excitedly swimming in my legality, I decided to take buses more often and alone. Dearly beloved, it is not beans.
For a few weeks now, I’ve been going to the mainland for something I’m working on. In the mornings I get dropped off by the driver but when I’m done in the afternoons around 1 or 2 pm, I experience a whole new dimension. The hot sun burning my scalp, the busses and bikes that almost give no warning when they’re behind me, the people who just walk past me aggressively as if I had a cause to settle with them before now, the sweaty people in the buses that cannot control themselves and avoid coming in contact with me, the…EVERYTHING.
I find it really funny because I can’t struggle for bus neither can I wait on the stagnant BRT bus queue, I get those “who do you think you are” or “are you better than us” stares from people on the bus but I cannot explain to them all that it’s a process and I’m only trying to get used to it. One very good and weird thing about all this is, everyone always tries to be nice to me especially the conductors and bus drivers. I think it’s because of the way I look all so innocent and willowy so they’re always so helpful and they even try to speak Queen’s English Lmao!!
Nigeria is amazing sha, another good thing about all this is, I’m just trying to leave my comfort zone, know places and just get used to other sides of life, I want to view life in other ways and get to have an experience of what they’re like. You should too, if you haven’t but be careful, no one wants to have a breakdown.

   The past days of my week were hustle, work, busy and fun all in one. I had bus hustle, I had classes, I had telemundo and I had an event. On bus hustle, that my story above is not for nothing >_> . On classes, you know the usual early to go, late to return routine mixed with plenty assignments and all that. Yeaahhh, that’s about it.
On telemundo, well…I wouldn’t want to bore some of you with the love, passion, deceit, annoyance and predictable events that never seize to happen but wait, in the impostor, is it just me that thinks Blanca is Adriano and Valentina’s missing daughter? and maybe, just maybe, Eduardo might not be Rakel’s son after all so he and Blanca can fall in Unforbidden love. We’d have to watch to find out wouldn’t we?

   On events, I attended the amvcas nominee cocktail and award show this weekend. They were both lovely and almost everyone looked gorgeous. There’s just one problem I have with some human beings and events and even our celebrities are guilty. If a dress code colour is stated on an invitation card, no one will die for adhering to it, after all the people who put the dress code colour there are not silly. If you’re told to wear black, then when did red and white or blue and cream become black? Everyone just wants to look glam for social media. I just find it totally uncool. In all though, it was a cool and calm gathering, everyone was open, warm and friendly from the cocktail to the awards plus I got to see that truly, everyone is not as pretty or as fresh as they look on TV.
Congratulations to all the winners and all the nominees though, it was a great show.

   This weekend also happened to be the weekend former TeenY editor, Yemi got married to the love of her life. Happy married life editor, I pray your marriage is all you ever dreamed of.

   There’s just so much that has happened in one week my hands are weak lol
Welcome to another week again, I pray it is amazing for you and I pray things work out for your good.

Quote Of The Week

“Do things you’ve never imagined yourself doing but with caution”

Until the next post,
Have a blessed week!!


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