It’ll be all crickets, dry ground and tumble weed here. Rain won’t fall neither will breeze blow but it’ll only be for a very short while. There are a lot of personal things that have to be done and done right out of here, there are also a few changes that have to be done here. When those things are done successfully (which they will be), we’d take the crickets out and wet this ground again. Three months isn’t that big a deal, on the first of July which is “the Mauve’s” birthday, we’d begin from where we stopped. It’s only a break, which means it’s temporal. Imagine how I feel not being able to write or do anything here. So wait with me in all love. We’re a small family but we can be well connected. In this our small world we know how we operate, we don’t need to be too large to exist. We might get there, but it’s small we start. Thank you.

What else? What else? If you have any reason to talk to me, there’s twitter: @SharonMauve or you can just send me an email: Don’t worry, I won’t take the Israelite’s journey time to reply your mail -_-

     Until the next post and after, stay away from trouble, try your possible best to live peaceably with everyone.

All my love,
Sharon xxx



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