Happy July everyone!! We are one!!! You, this blog and I. It really isn’t easy to keep a thing going because a lot happens. There are days I’m blank, nothing to write and I just let my blog sleep but there are also days I just wake this baby and keep her up.

Caring for this blog is like caring for a child, she needs to eat (words of course), she needs to be heard (read by you duh!), she needs to rest, she needs love and you and I have made all that possible(for the most part). I want to watch her grow into a happy and content child.

That break wasn’t easy though, it wasn’t just like yesterday, it was a long while,Β  it was three months!! Three months without my baby, I missed my blog.

On July 1st, 2014 this baby was born and up till now she’s alive and well.
Thank you for all your encouragement and positivity.

I waited for the blog to become one before introducing you to a few changes. You see, it’s still one happy baby blog but if you’ve been following this blog you’d notice the difference(s). For one, our domain name has been changed and to be more organized, this blog’s posts have been made easier to read, understand and refer to, they’ve been grouped into categories as seen from the menu bar. They are:

1. Lifestyle – The parent category. This will have subcategories:

– Confabs and collaborations: Teaming up with people, other bloggers, writers, photographers, poets etc you get the point.

– Spurs: For living as a christian, inspirational and motivational posts, DIY posts (it’s needed in your life).

– Travel: Places I’ve been to, or people have been to that fascinate me. Sha something like that.

– Recipes: Food I’ve tried, I’d love try, food I made, food people recommend, be it healthy, unhealthy and what not etc

– Art: (Music, photography, stories, poems etc that get me.

2. Ajing’s Journal: This is a parent category. Life of a Thespian: For entries of a girl named Beulah. (This is a featured page)

3. Dear Diary: This is a parent category. For personal entries likeΒ  how I spent my day, why I did this or that, who I met, what I wore etc. It also includes sub categories:
– Style entries
– Beauty entries

4. Fancy: This is a parent category. Posts on things I fancy, want list, crush list, obsessions, fashion trends, celeb style I like, people’s style I like etc

As you can see, the home page and about me page can also be seen on the menu bar.

That’s about it for now, what do you think? Do you think anything should be taken out or added ?

Introduce yourself, don’t just read this post, leave your comments behind too *wink*

Happy Birthday to us! Happy new month once again, I pray new month will yield good fruits for us all. Amen.



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