Dear Diary

Blogging 101: Who I am and why I’m here

Thinking about who I am is a lot of work. I’m sure I’m a girl (always have been), I know I’m African (Nigerian to be precise), I’m a student, I’m a decade and eight and I love my life.

It’s safe to refer to myself as a conversationalist. I can keep you engaged in long hours of benefitting talk that’d keep you wide eyed filled with “ahhhs” and “ooohs”. Be it face to face or face to phone.

I’m funny. It’s hard to admit the truth but I am. I can be rib cracking funny or straight faced funny. You just pick your type of funny. I’m your girl.

I love and enjoy talking and writing. I’m obsessed with words so much so that I talk while asleep (believe me, I didn’t know until people told me). Do I write while asleep? Nahhh it’s never that serious. Oh wait…I think I once wrote while asleep, it was this one time in class, the lecturer was so boring I slept off but when I awoke, I found out I had copied my note though not as neat. How? I’m bad like that.

Fashion fascinates me. The way nothing ever gets old. I thought short sleeve blazers and palazzo pants were outdated. Just do a fashion up date and see what’s up.

Can learning new things be a talent or a hobby? Well it’s my talent and hobby.

Sigh. My mind is a funny place. It’s a place even I am yet to fully discover, I’m still searching and wandering. I’m amazed at all it holds and all it can do. It’s powerful.

Who I am is an intro to why I’m here. Can you tell?

I’m blogging publicly to meet and be met. I cannot exist in this world alone that’s why God didn’t create only me. I want a relationship with people that share same interests with me. I’m also willing to learn from people who don’t share same interests with me so maybe I can dub their style and recreate it into what can fit mine 😉

I’m also here because my word obsession led me to. Therefore, I’d express myself the way I please which will definitely not be in an offensive manner. I want to live peaceably with everyone. I will let everyone that reads this blog into that fascinating place called my mind. How cool is that? Very cool. I know.

Like I said earlier, people that share like interests are my target. I’m really arty. So my blog will really be filled mostly with arty posts. Photography, fashion, writing, decor, lifestyle in general… Y’know, all that stuff.

I actually just want to connect with you. Yes you that just read that. Oh pardon my bad manners, Delighted to meet you, I’m Sharon, you are? _____.

Oh thank you for being here and taking out of your 24hours to read this.
As you’ve begun this journey with me, there’s no turning back. You’re either in or…in.

If this my baby blog becomes more successful than it is now in one year, thanks to you I’d have achieved one goal in my life so I can beat my chest and say “Yes! I truly am a communications student. Beat that!”.

Peace y’all!
Can my fingers rest now? Thank you.


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