“A sharp tongue can cut your own throat”

It is written that death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. It makes me wonder. Over time I’ve heard people say that what you say is what will be to you. I ask myself, what if, just what if someone actually does have a headache? They didn’t ask or beg for it but it just so happend to come to them. What then do they say if they want to tell me how they’re feeling? Would it then turn out to be a game of opposites where they tell me I don’t have a headache and clearly they do?Couldn’t that be tagged as lying? No

The thing is, you don’t always have to state your situation the way it may appear to your human self. The thing is, the devil is waiting on you to state it so he can act upon it. You ought to learn to state what you want, not amiss or out of covetousness.

Faith in God is key. Speaking what you want to happen is key.

If you can, your life would be blissful.
Therefore, don’t follow the tradition of “Mondays are tiring, Mondays are dead”,  that could be true but Mondays and every other thing in your life are what you want and call them to be. There is power in your tongue, don’t curse what isn’t come yet.

Those “difficult” situations are like mist on a glass, it’s your choice to see the mist and leave it at that or you can see the mist and wipe it off. Don’t be like the spies who saw defeat and stayed put on that defeat be like the others who saw the defeat but stayed put on what THEY wanted to see.

If you’re able to start your week with these, it’ll be your best week yet.

Have a lovely week!



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