Hello neighbours, I don’t think I’ve ever written an open letter before, not to my younger self nor my older self so you see I’m not even half as special as you are. Blush if you want to.

Who knew “university” could be so much fun? We have all the time to relax, our course work is online, we could be laying on our beds while trying to submit, or even eating, listening to loud music, we could even be taking a dump while talking to our fellow course mates lol. That’s the life. It’s not everyday universities like this spring up. So we know we have to make the most of it.

My name is Sharon, I introduced myself on day 1 when I told you about who I am and why I’m here (Yes, that’s a link, click on it for reference if you please), that said, I don’t want to go on and on about me. I want to go on and on about you and why you’re here.

It’s already day three, more days are coming and I haven’t even met quarter of you. We can’t afford to be strangers. Staying in a single room is not always the way. So here’s the plan, whose room is on the same hall as mine? Just holla! Raise your hands up in the air!!
For anyone else who isn’t in our university but is in this blogosphere, you’re not left out. Of course I want to know you too.

Okay for real now, just tell me something about yourself and drop the link to your blog(s) in the comment section, and I’ll be sure to check it out and follow you too.
It’s not that easy following up with links via the commons page so you can understand.

That said and done, we’ll be on the train to a well connected friendship. You don’t like trains? We’d be on the bus. You don’t like buses? We’d be on the airplane. You don’t like airplanes? We’d be on the boat. Ohhhhh you don’t like vehicles at all? We’d walk our way to a well connected friendship baby!

Any means you wanna go, I’d follow you, didn’t you know my second name is Adaptor? Lol nice to meet you, you, you and YOU!

PS – The comment section is below this post, my social media links are also below this post (on mobile) but they’re on the sidebar (on PC) xoxo

Remember, you are welcome. You are loved.



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