We’re in the fourth day already, honestly I had no real post planned for today soooooooo, I’d just tell you something reeeeaaalllyyyy interesting (more to me).

My life is really beautiful. I go shopping almost every single day, I try on new clothes, I buy new clothes and shoes about everyday, I attend a lot of events, my closet is worth more than 2 million dollars, I change my hair style about three times in a week, I model for top designers, I mean, what more could I ask for?

Did I say just my life? Nothing in between my and life? Oh I’m sorry, I meant my Polyvore and Covet fashion “game” life *sigh* I was only day dreaming? Aw mehn!

Since I’m back to reality, do you know what Polyvore is? No? Fine, It’s this awesome app that lets you style and create fashion sets. You can become part of a group and partake in Polyvore contests. You can even win shopping vouchers, like real life vouchers that are tangible and valid.


As for Covet Fashion it’s this awesome-er game app, where you style a model according to any theme provided by the game, you enter style challenges, earn diamonds and cash. You can also win vouchers like in Polyvore plus if you play covet fashion yeah, you can get discounts or in-game cash and diamonds in actual stores that are featured on covet fashion. I never realized I had styled up to 256 something looks lol you might think I’m crazy now.


You have to have a level of fashion interest to understand me though, I’m addicted to both of them I can’t help it, they’re my leisure games. When I’m waiting, or less busy or even unhappy, I just style in any of those apps.
Not everyday beach or partying, some days sit at home with your device and play a game. Games have their benefits too.

So if you have a covet fashion account, which is always linked to facebook. Kindly let a sister know, you just might have some clothes I don’t 😉

You can check out my Polyvore site here and have a look at all my sets.

Here are a few more pictures of both of them:






What do you think?



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