When something speaks so much volume, you can’t even dare to ignore. You can only appreciate and let it dawn on you.

Mind of a teenage aesthete

Our generation is ruined. For real. Look at everything that’s happening, look at what people take as normal now. It’s disheartening. There are no proper gentlemen left, all our queens have vanished. People are changing their sexes and marrying members of their own sex, people are walking the streets naked, discrimination is everywhere, bribery and cheating are seen as normal. Everything is destroyed.
We talk about our leaders being bad, but I see worse traits among we the young ones. Jesus didn’t even die for this. I’m just here in my room thinking of how terrible everything has become it’s appalling. Some people still say “it can’t happen in Nigeria, it can’t happen in an African home”. That’s a lie everyone is trying to believe. Best believe that it has already happened and it’s spreading wildly. It’s the new “trend”.
It’s so unbelievable what people are bothered about, it’s hilarious…

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