Dear Diary

LOVE: This week & Yesterday

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Oh how I love the fruit love. It’s the greatest gift and the bedrock to being at peace with everyone. It’s beautiful how it can transform to something so indescribable that you’d do anything for a person even of it might break your heart to do so. God gave his only son to die for us because he loved us, he loved us more than we could even love ourselves. His love is the purest and the truest. God is love.

If you want to experience love, if you want to know what love is, if you want to know how to love, you have to know know God and experience what life is like when you know Him.

This week I charge you to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Try to do to them what you’ll love them to do to you.


Have a blessed week!



Meanwhile, yesterday I attended a beautiful wedding. Yeah, that’s the inspiration behind this love post. The couple were so happy, nervous and shy, you know all that mushy stuff. My jaw hurt from awww-ing and screaming and shouting and talking. Oh and when they sang a duet, I almost shed a tear. Couples who sing together stay together lol. It was simply amazing.


You know how busy Nigerian weddings can be, we could only steal a few pictures…
















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