In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Snapshot Stories.”

Me, Just before the show

Let’s see, what’s going on up there? Why do I look like a bag of brown rice?

Well, on that very day, I was called to go to Victoria Island (a place in Nigeria) to model for the finale of one Mnet fashion protege show (a competition). I think luck wasn’t on my side that day for reasons unknown to me. I went with my mini manager of course, she’s always there for all that kind of stuff.

I arrived there on time forgetting that in Nigeria there’s almost no such thing as arriving “on time”. You either come later than the set time or you don’t come at all. I was the second girl to get there, which meant the girl before me had arrived even earlier 😂 That was how we waited and waited. The other girls kept arriving and we waited some more, some wanted to leave but then thank God the lady in charge arrived in time to call us all up.

When we got up stairs. The lady in charge asked each designer to pick a model. I was picked by one named Omo. Well, she thought I was pretty enough to make her clothes look good 💃💃💃

Make up time!! What went wrong? How hard is it to follow an instruction? You tell a make up artiste to do B and they do W for you, I mean why? That was how the make up artiste did a clowney make up for me lol everyone laughed so hard. The designer then told her to change it because she wasn’t feeling the look. Well, that made her transform my face into a concealer and foundation filled face, from forehead to chin 😩😩

Can you spot the foundation and concealer business?

As if that weren’t enough, you wouldn’t believe what happened next. Fittings!!! I’m so tiny it amazes me that I can find clothes my size. It wasn’t the case that day though, instead the clothes weren’t my size, no not at all. That day we were about 40 minutes to the show before fittings were done and just look what happened. We tried everything to make me fit in, we stuffed almost everywhere 😂😂😂 you just name the part. Embarrassing but funny.

I'm crying 😭😭

What next? My shoes? :'(:'( that one is another long story and my turban? Well, I think that was wrapped about 2 minutes to the show after my make up was almost smeared.

In all bad luck, cringes and laughs, the whole event turned out to be amazing. Celebrities swarming the place, cameras flashing here and there, bling bling glistening everywhere, perfume scents filling the air and most of all, our designer won the competition!!

That's Tobi, the designer chose her too

Sigh, what a day!



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